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Dr. Kristi Hughes

Science Board Member

9 / 12

Kristi Hughes, ND, IFMCP has over 20 years in medical education and private practice, she brings her clinical experience to the stage and the latest medical approaches into her patient consult room. She travels the world teaching health care providers, nutrition professionals, and health coaches internationally how to implement Functional and Lifestyle Medicine, Clinical Nutrition, and Practitioner Self-Care. Her private practice is the Dynamic Healing Center located in Alexandria, MN, where she also offers "Shaking Your Tree; What Matters Most", a personal life transforming retreat for the public, her patient base, and health care providers. The workshop is an opportunity for anyone to redefine what it means to walk their talk with authenticity and recreate an updated personal path to wellness.

Dr. Hughes began teaching for Nutrition Dynamics in 1999, since that time she participated in the development and teaching of the Metagenics FirstLine Therapy program for more than 100 certifications, and provided international seminar series on clinical nutrition for more than a decade. She has lectured for industry leaders, medical associations, and symposiums on root-cause medicine related topics. Dr. Hughes held a position at the Institute for Functional Medicine for over a decade as the Director of Medical Education, and currently serves as core senior international faculty in the IFM Certification Program. She was a member of the development team and founding faculty for the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, she currently serves on the FMCA Advisory Panel and participates in ongoing continuing education for practitioners and health coaches learning about successful strategies in lifestyle behavior change.

As a mother of four children and teenagers, with a personal passion for active sports and raising healthy kids, Kristi recently launched DocereVita to bring nutraceutical solutions and lifestyle education to this growing demographic. DocereVita has special interest in supporting those participating in board sports and mixed martial arts. Her new company provides nutrigenomic counseling, personalized performance guidance, and nutraceutical solutions for supporting brain health, injury and recovery, detoxification, performance and foundational nutrition in the action sports population.

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