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Personalized Testing Kits

Unlock your health potential with our tailored nutrient and vitamin testing kits.

Welcome to personalized wellness! Discover your unique nutrient and vitamin needs with our advanced testing kits. Unlock a healthier you with easy, science-backed solutions tailored just for your body. Start your journey to informed health choices, one test 
at a time.

Omega Quant

Optimal Omega-3 EPA and DHA levels are linked to heart health, immune function, brain function, eye health, and longevity. Vitamin D is critical for building and maintaining strong bones, supporting immune health, and supporting a healthy pregnancy.

  • The Omega-3 Index Basic Test Kit measures the amount of EPA and DHA in the blood.
  • The Omega-3 Index Plus Test Kit measures the fatty acid levels, Omega-3, Omega-6, and trans fat blood levels.
  • The Vitamin D test kit measures the amount of this important nutrient in your blood.

Vitamin D - Test


Omega-3 Index - Basic Test


Omega-3 Index - Plus Test


Vitamin D - Test


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